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Global Bio Broker develops meaningful, long term client relationships with various stakeholders in the biofuels industry.
We help you optimize your bottom line and manage risk via physical and financial derivatives transactions in the relevant commodities. We provide extensive post-trade service until you are satisfied with a well-executed transaction.

Located at the heart of the ARA port (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), we provide our brokerage services to clients in Europe and the rest of the world.


Rape Oil Methyl Ester (RME), Soya Oil Methyl Ester (SME), Palm Oil Methyl Ester (PME), Fish Ethyl Ester (FEE)
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) & any blend thereof to fit your specific needs.


Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (UCOME)
Tallow Methyl Ester (TME)


Rapeseed Oil (RSO), Soy Oil, Palm Oil and Palm Oil Derivatives, Used Cooking Oil (UCO), Tallow and Bioline


Soapstock, Fatty Acids, Raw Glycerin, Tall Oil


Impca spec and offspec.


FAME 0 and RME Paper, CME or ICE cleared, CPO Swaps, CME Cleared, Gasoil swaps, CME or ICE cleared


Dutch Hernieuwbare Brandstof Eenheden (HBE)
Germany Biofuel Tickets (Quoten)

biofuel brokerage

The European biofuels business, since it beginnings in the 2000’s, has been in constant flux under influence of the ever-changing legislative environment for biofuels in every member state of the EU.

Managing risk of both agricultural and fossil fuel markets in the midst of changing legislations is a fine art mastered by fewer and fewer players.

The survivors are integrated agro-industrial commodity houses and end-users with blending obligations as well as waste-based biofuel entrepreneurs.

Global has been at the forefront of these developments and looks forward to new challenges ahead to grow together with its clients.

Our focus on:

  • awareness of legislative changes
  • client-margin orientation and
  • truly understanding the reason why clients are in the biofuels business

have resulted in long term broker – client relationships based on mutual trust.

We are proud to count the biggest names in the petroleum and agro-industrial business communities among our customers for many years.

global bio tour

Global Bio Tour – Biofuel professionals ride for charity

Each year on the last Monday of May, Global Bio Broker organizes the Global Bio Tour. The tour started off as a just for fun event, organized for a few clients who love to ride their bike.

It turned into an opportunity for many to meet other biofuel professionals in an informal setting and do some exercise and sight-seeing at the same time. It has become an annual industry event that attracts Global clients from all over Europe.

The tour is a fully organized day out with peers in the biofuels business. Combined with the goal of contributing a significant amount of support for a great charity the tour has proven to be a success story.

Global Bio Tour contributions to the Ronald McDonald Huis Sophia Rotterdam have provided a lot of families the opportunity to be close to their child, at the most difficult of times in their young lives.

View a recap of the Global Bio Tour 2017 edition here.
View a recap of the Global Bio Tour 2018 edition here.

kees schipper

Your Global Bio Broker, Kees Schipper has been active in the biofuels space since 2006 in various roles.

After an international grains trading career with 2 major commodity trading houses he felt attracted to the still nascent biofuels business that needed agricultural commodity expertise.

In 2008-2009 Kees worked as a self-employed interim manager at a biodiesel producer and rapeseed crush facility owned by a Dutch energy company.

Kees holds a Msc. in Business Economics and has a keen interest in everything concerning sustainable energy.

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